Reasons Behind the Popularity of Craft Beer Gaining Popularity

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If you might have noticed, craft beers are available all over the places, from bars to roadside parks, from baseball matches to home parties. In fact, the sale of craft beers has started skyrocketing with 15% of growth in the past 1 year. The medium of export sales has also started expanding.

Before going into details, let’s know a little about craft beer. The trading industry and the Brewers Association defined craft beers as ‘’independent, small and conventional.’’ Craft beers make less than 6 million barrels every year. They don’t usually get large sum of investment from non-craft brewers.

Brew beers are mostly a mixture of traditional ingredients for example malt barley. Duluth is one of the major cities stated in the U.S. state of Minnesota. Here, craft beer Duluth is a place which never runs plain. It is one of those places which can be considered to be the best for having a nice time with your friends or family.

 The profit earned by the sales is nothing as compared to the big names of Millercoors or Anheuser-Busch. However, the sector still gains 10% of the total sales making it difficult to ignore the incredible influence created by the Craft Breweries.

Beer drinkers are usually flexible in choices

Though the demand for Bud light haven’t dried up, but it isn’t anymore light as it was few years ago. Full flavoured beers like India Pale Ales, Belgians and seasonal beers are gradually gaining popularity among the population. India Pale Ales has especially worn success on its sleeve with a growth of 40% during the last 3 years.

Breweries are experimenting

Brewers have started to experiment with various ideas to get back into the game. They are constantly trying to bring on variations like Dogfish Head’s Aprihop. Moreover, even craft brewers are trying to bring on various other styles of beer on the plate.

Retailers are focusing on stocking up with more craft beers

The demand of craft beers is being on a driver’s seat excessively these days. Therefore, the retailers are curt on retaining a greater number of beers possible and also expand it in stores which are left out. Its rise in demand is one of the reasons, why retailers and wholesalers are engrossed in getting more of it.

Crafted beers are more social

Most of the craft breweries also offer a restaurant where you can peacefully enjoy dinner with friends or family. Besides, you can also have craft beer at the same time. Some of the breweries might also offer a tasting room as a space where you can sit relax and spend your evening.

Craft beers are considered portable

Majority of the craft breweries use can as an option to put their beers. Which is why, it becomes easier to move it around as compared to glass bottles. In places such as tennis court, golf courses, they have the provision of banning bottles. Thus, craft beers can be an accommodating partner in your travel plan without creating any hassle.