Learning to Decorate Cakes Can Be Fun and Profitable!

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Learning to decorate a cake can be fun and rewarding. I know you think you can’t decorate a cake. We have made the cakes for our family gatherings for some time. Some have been basic and others pretty involved.

You can even use a cake mix. Sometimes you will use several mixes. Don’t be intimidated, learning to decorate a cake is not that difficult. I worked in a bakery for years and we had new people who learn fairly quickly. Things have changed in those years but it is even easier to get creative with cakes.

I have found that freezing a cake makes it much easier to work with. There are numerous things you can learn that will simplify cake decorating. If you have ever watched those cake decorating shows on tv you realize that sometimes it looks more complicated than it is.

With a few tip changes of an icing bag you can create many different designs and get the effect you want. It really is an art but it can be learned quickly. When the bakery is booked and you don’t know where to get the perfect cake, make it yourself.

=Yes, learning to decorate a cake is not as difficult as you might think. Why my sister has even learned to make some nice looking cakes. If she can learn it you can too. We have amazed the family with some of the cakes, cookies and candies we put out for parties. Don’t be afraid tackle this art and learn some easy methods that will make you shine as the creative one too.