How to Properly Choose Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are an excellent way to get essential nutrients, try new tastes, and enjoy low-calorie sides to your meals. You can get them fresh or frozen and take advantage of their health benefits. However, if you choose to buy frozen fruits and vegetables, find ones that have been properly stored. They need to have firm packages. They should not be limp, sweating, or wet because these are signs of thawing. If you are ready to buy frozen fruits or vegetables, check out To make sure you choose your frozen fruit and veggie right, consider the tips below:

Ensure you Feel Individual Pieces

When you choose frozen fruits and vegetables in bags, ensure you feel individual pieces instead of huge solid blocks of food that could indicate they have been thawed or re-frozen. Do not buy stained packages or any packages with visible ice crystals because they are signs of de-frosting and re-freezing.

Go for Plain Veggies and Fruits

The best frozen vegetables are those that do not have any butter, added salt, or sauce. Pick plain frozen fruits without extra sugar. You will want to prioritise this option if you are looking to add the frozen fruits or veggies to a recipe.

Choose Quality Produce

Grade standards which measure produce quality are not always available. However when they are, fancy vegetables with Grade A rating tend to have the most color and tenderness. Grade B vegetables haveĀ  a mature, slightly different taste while Grade C options may not have uniform color and flavor but you can use them when making stews or soups.

Once you have bought frozen fruits and vegetables, make sure you store them at zero degrees or lower at home. When you purchase bulk sizes, take just what you need out of the package and place the rest back in the freezer before the food begins to thaw. In case you will use the entire package, you can thaw the food in its original package in the fridge or thaw it faster in a bowl of cold water on the counter or in your microwave. Just make sure you follow package directions.

Often, frozen vegetables are blanched before freezing so they can better hold their flavor and color. No matter how you want to eat or use them, blanching can make your overall cooking time shorten than when you use fresh vegetables. Moreover, you need to wash fruits before freezing them to reduce the prep work you need.