Healthy Diet Recipes – Chicken in a Bag

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Looking around I see a lot of people eating stuff that no sane person would put in their mouth. I think people have been brainwashed by advertising and the media about what is good for them and their bodies.

I believe that all the things our body needs are found in the natural foods around us. I used to eat bad stuff before and by just eating the right foods I got my health back and lost 23Kg in 3 months without any aids, extra exercise, shakes, pills, counting calories or any of that other rubbish out there.

This recipe uses an oven bag to seal in the juices. One of the problems with oven bags is that if they are sealed tight as they heat up they can burst. So it is best to put a couple of little holes near the top to let the steam out and stop the the bag breaking and letting the juice out.

Chicken in a Bag

Soft tender juicy chicken that will have you licking your fingers


One chicken

2 Lemons

1 Tbsp Mixed Herbs

2 Pinches of Dried Chilli Flakes

1 Oven Bag

Pepper to taste


1. Wash the chicken.

2. Squeeze about half the juice of the Lemon over the Chicken then put the rest into the body cavity.

3. Rub the Mixed Herbs over the Chicken and put on the Chilli and Pepper.

4. Put the Chicken into the bag and seal.

5. Place the bag on a baking tray and put into a low heated oven (120C or 230F) for 4 hrs.

Open the bag and serve with baked vegetables or salad.

Variations: You can do this with lamb instead of chicken or put some vegetables in as well and they will cook in the juices of the meat, so absorbing the flavour. Remember not to put salt in as it will make the meat tough instead of soft.