GDS and its Importance in the Food Industry

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The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is an internet-based system of integration that allows different trading partners like manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, healthcare organizations and foodservice operators to access and exchange correct and real-time product information securely that has been validated. As a trading partner, you can obtain the latest news that is available in their system. When any changes are made to the product information of one company, it gets automatically updated and immediately available to all the other companies who are into business with them. The GDSN frequently uses the GD1 system that is based on the Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN).

Benefits of adopting GDSN

The primary advantage of adopting GDSN is that you get to access the updated real-time data at all times. GDSN updates the product information of a particular company immediately so that any other business partner can track the changes immediately from any corner of the world. It has eliminated the manual steps involved when a product moves around the globe, thus minimizing the chances of errors made by anybody. Any reduction in error means reduced cost. It’s perfect for industries like healthcare and food where the decrease in errors can improve the efficiency and safety of these industries. The ability to access accurate, updated product info also helps in building the trust of customers. The foodservice analytics offers the perfect tool that will help you identify the best lot of customers.

The central platform

Attribytes believes in certain core concepts like the process of sharing, capturing and enhancing information should be easy and fast, so that companies can focus on sales growth. If you want to take the ultimate advantage of GDSN, then they are here to help you. Attribytes usually provides certified data pool connectors like National Product Catalog, 1WorldSync, GHX, and TrueSource. It will also allow the GDSN data to be combined with internal business applications. To know more about their GDSN connectivity solutions you can take a look at their website. When we talk of the foodservice industry, it is a specialized experience along with innovative technology combines business foodservice analytics, intelligence, logistics, vendor data management. GS1 Certified Data Pool is under a cloud-based solution which is otherwise not available under any one particular software. They connect hundreds of suppliers and distributors of the foodservice industry under a single platform to take care of the customer base, product data, and total number of transactions, etc., to support more than 100 billion dollars of food items sales per year within the industry. The Attribytes team has over 105 years of combined experience in the foodservice industry and presently, is connected with the top ten foodservice distributors and thousands of manufacturers. If you are interested to see a demo, then you can visit their website where you can get an idea of how data collaboration can affect your business. If the demo impresses you, then you can opt to avail their service and see your business prosper.