Experimenting with Beef Jerky by Using Them in Different Delicacies

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Beef jerky is a famous snack loved by people worldwide. You get this in a variety of flavors. Beef jerky is a snack high in sodium and contains a lot of protein. These are thin strips of meat marinated in different seasonings and dried with salt.

Amazing Facts about Jerky

The invention of jerky, heads back to the South American Quechua tribe where jerky was called as charqui. These were a rich source of protein were used by travelers on long journeys. If you are allergic to beef, then you can try jerky made from turkey, elk, salmon and moose.

These are highly popular as space food and are given to astronauts when they go into space. If you are on a weight loss diet, you can eat jerky to satisfy your hunger cravings. Different countries have their own name for jerky. In China, it is called as bakkwa, in Mexico as carne seca, in Nepal as sukuti, in South Africa as biltong and in Indonesia as dendeng.

Beef jerky can also be used in a variety of recipes. If you love cooking, you can check out any beef jerky recipe and try it out for yourself. There are many online videos that can teach you how to make these delicacies.

Plethora of Option for Jerky Recipes

Cooking always brings out your creative side. Many people think that jerky is a snack and cannot be used for recipes. This is not true. All it requires is to think outside the box and experiment. Jerky can be used for:

  • Making healthy salads post workout
  • You can have these with roasted Brussels sprouts
  • If you like thick tomato sauce, you can used beef jerky for the same
  • If you are late for office and want a quick breakfast, you can cook a jerky omelette
  • Planning for a hike, you can add jerky to pemmican
  • If you like boiled or deviled eggs, you can grate some jerky and add on top of it with a dash of mayonnaise
  • You can even mix it in different soups
  • You can even prepare jerky oatmeal and have for breakfast
  • Why only limit it to food, you can add a strip of jerky for your cocktails or mock tails
  • Suffering from hunger pangs all the time, eat jerky instead of fries or chips.


You can either purchase natural or grasses fed jerky and prepare the above recipes. Adding a few strips of beef jerky can bring in more flavors to your food.