Cooking Duck Breast For The First Time? Here’s An Easy Recipe!

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Duck has thick skin and high fat content, which makes it an ideal meat for people who are fond of flavors. Duck breast is all about skin cooked to crisp and melted fat – These are two aspects you need to know if you are trying this recipe for the first time. While there are plenty of recipes for duck breast, we bring a simple one that’s ideal for starters. We are mentioning the ingredients as we move ahead in the recipe.

  • Preparing the meat. Start by taking the breast at room temperature and add a few gashes on the side containing fat. Many people like the idea of cooking the meat and fat/skin separately, but for this recipe, we are sticking to the basics.

  • Seasoning the meat. The choice of seasoning is personal, but ideally, salt and pepper should do. You can also try green peppers, a paste of seasonal herbs, or even simple garlic paste. Make sure that the meat is set aside with the seasoning in the fridge for at least an hour.
  • Cooking the meat. Take the meat out at least half an hour before cooking to bring it to room temperature. On a frying pan, add a cooking fat of your choice. Olive oil works well, and since we are searing the meat, a cast iron pan works better than non-stick variants. The fat must render to the best extent, so just place the duck breast skin-side down and turn on the flame.

  • Completing the recipe. Don’t be tempted to turn the breast immediately. Searing the breasts on the skin side should take anywhere between five and fifteen minutes, depending on the quality of the meat. After a point, you will find that the skin has contracted, and the meat is cooking semi-cooked. That’s exactly when you flip it. If you like meat to be buttery, you can add some extra cooking fat while turning the breasts.

Once completely done, your duck breast is ready to serve. You can serve this with boiled or steamed veggies of your choice, with some extra herb seasoning. Duck breast has considerable flavors and fats of its own, so don’t let too many flavors ruin the essence. If you are cooking in the oven, it is still advisable to sear the meat on the pan first, so as to render the fat. Also, make sure that duck meat is sourced from the right store.