Chef Hats, Coats and Pants For the New Chef

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A career in the cooking industry is becoming more popular these days. Perhaps, the amount of cable television dedicated to making cooking look good and enjoyable is the reason many young people are beginning to aspire to be the chefs of the future. But, how does a chef dress? How does he of she know that his or her clothing fit properly. What should someone new to cooking be looking for in his or her attire?

If we examine the many different cooking shows on television, we quickly see that no two chefs dress alike. There are twelve different chefs on Bravo’s Top Chef, but no one looks alike. This show has had multiple seasons, and even season to season the chefs dress differently. But, there are some definite lessons from the television chefs. Those chefs who choose to wear a coat should find one that is stylish and fits close, not snug, the body. A good chef coat is comfortable to wear, looks good, and protects the body.

To protect their customers chefs need to cover their hair. Everyone knows that queasy feeling of discovering hair in food. “Where did it come from? What else has fallen on to the plate?” Good chef hats limit this problem. Again, there are many different looks and varieties to choose. A good hat will cover a chef’s head in such a way that his or her hair cannot fall on to a dish. Big and bulky are not a good idea because a chef does not want the entire hat to fall in to someone’s food. A small, close fitting cap is best.

What are the best types of pants to wear while working in a restaurant’s kitchen? The standard chef pant covers each leg completely. This makes a nice and neat look, and offers protection from possible spills. Pants are definitely the way to go. Shorts may look comfortable, but they are dangerous. If a chef needs something a little cooler then a standard pant, he or she should look to a pair of pants that are roomy in the legs.