Benefits of Using Indian Condiments

Do you love having spicy Indian food? Well, who doesn’t? Indian food has always been spicy and most people are not aware how these spices benefit our body. These spices are added to food to enhance the taste. Most Indian Condiments have high contributions to better health and India also exports its condiments to various countries. Let us see some of the favorite spices in India and the health benefits it can offer.

1) Turmeric

Turmeric is a must ingredient in most Indian food. The color and flavor of turmeric can add great taste and color to your food. In addition, it’s an antioxidant used in food to prevent infections. It’s also proved that turmeric can help in fighting cancer. It also helps to cure inflammation of any joints in the body. Studies have also stated that having turmeric prevents the chances of having Alzheimer’s disease. It’s also a great detox and helps in cleansing the liver after one has had enough alcohol.

2) Cumin Seeds

It’s also known as jeera and is used in every Indian food as well. One of the famous traditional dish is Odiya, which is made from cumin seeds. It helps in boosting the immunity system. Other than that, it also helps in relieving pain and is an excellent medicine for stomachaches. It can be also used to treat cramps, diarrhea and indigestion. It has an abundance of iron and can be used as a supplement.

3) Ginger

An excellent condiment used to spice up food. One can quickly detect the smell and taste of ginger in food. It provides health benefits like relieving pain in joints, colds and it also helps in maintaining the blood pressure.

4) Black Pepper

Black pepper can enhance the taste of foods, and some of the health benefits of black pepper are curing illness, treating constipation. It can also be used to heal diarrhea and gangrene. It’s also proved that black pepper can help in preventing heart diseases. Its medicinal properties also help in treating earache.

5) Cloves

This Indian condiment is well-known for its sweet, warm taste. It also has a great aroma and is blessed with medicinal properties. It helps in treating stomachaches and can be also consumed if someone is having an upset stomach. It also works as an expectorant.

6) Asafoetida (Hing)

It’s used to season snacks, food and has medicinal properties as well. It can also be used to treat stomachache due to the formation of gas. It’s also great in preventing whooping cough.

7) Cardamom (Elaichi)

The good smell and favour of Cardamom is what is adored by most people. It’s also used in the pharmaceutical sector because it helps in controlling bad smell. It can also be used to treat digestive problems. Doctors also suggest chewing a whole cardamom because it helps in controlling diabetes.

8) Coriander (Dhaniya)

It can be used for treating pain in joints. It also treats indigestion, sore throat, hay fever, etc.

These are some of the popular Indian condiments, and they provide with great health benefits. Make sure you add some of them to your food to make it taste better and for a healthier lifestyle.